Right Age

Orthodontists today can successfully correct most problems regardless of the patient’s age. But that does not mean that the orthodontic treatment starting age does not matter. In fact it may play a significant role in the total time and expenses required for the completion of the orthodontic treatment.

Early Intervention

Early intervention can make a dramatic impact on establishing the proper occlusal foundation. Dr. Joseph is in agreement with the American Association of Orthodontists’ recommendation that a patient’s first evaluation by an orthodontist be by age 7. The patient does not need to have all of their permanent teeth in to be evaluated, because at that first appointment we will take photographs and measurements so that we can watch their growth pattern over the next several years. Some patients will benefit by an early course of treatment to gain space for their larger permanent teeth to erupt, or to correct a jaw growth discrepancy while growth is still occurring.

Adolescent Treatment

Most orthodontic problems are ideally treated during this time. Usually, all or most permanent teeth are erupted and patients are at one of their most active phases of growth. This is ideal time to treat the majority of patients is before all of the primary teeth are lost. This reduces the need for extractions of permanent teeth and often simplifies treatment.

Adult Treatment

Healthy teeth can be moved at any age, and it is never too late to improve your smile. We gladly help adults achieve the smile of their dreams. We have many different treatment options and look forward to discussing them with our adult patients.

About Dr. Joseph

Dr. Joseph is a progressive and experienced orthodontist who keeps informed on current developments and the newest techniques in Orthodontics.

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