iTero Element Scanner

There have been many significant changes and advances that have taken place related to orthodontic treatment techniques and procedures. Technology has played an amazing role in orthodontics allowing us to more precisely diagnose and treat our patients. Innovations in the orthodontic appliances that we use can achieve the intended results faster, with less inconvenience and less discomfort. We have committed ourselves to staying in a leadership position in all aspects of orthodontics… allowing us to better serve you and your family.

Part of our technology is the new iTero scanner. This scanner allows us to create a computerized 3D image of your teeth so that we can plan your tooth movements throughout your entire treatment timeline. The iTero scanner system digitally captures the contours of your teeth, providing an accurate digital orthodontic scan in just minutes! The digital impression procedure ensures a more comfortable experience for the patient and produces a more precise scan for Dr. Joseph. What’s more, the scanner uses visible light, so you won’t have any exposure to radiation during the procedure.

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About Dr. Joseph

Dr. Joseph is a progressive and experienced orthodontist who keeps informed on current developments and the newest techniques in Orthodontics.

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